Sunday, March 4, 2012

We Could Sure Use Your Business

Thank you for your time. In closing, I wish to thank you for the opportunity to present my blog to you.

Please be sure to click on my profile to see a list of my other blogs that I think you will find of interest.

You see, I am a heart attack survivor. I have had a total of 5 heart attacks, one surgery requiring 5 by-passes, one surgery requiring 2 by-passes, one surgery requiring a stent. This all started in 2000. Even if the economy was flourishing, nobody will hire me. I am considered high risk. Even though I am unbelievably just fine! My doctors and I laugh about the fact that they have patients that are prone to and have colds a lot. I have heart attacks!!

But unfortunately my heart health has not done us any favors financially. It has most definitely taken it's tole. But there are still so many less fortunate than ourselves, so I have tried to remain silent, but the burdens of time have now made it necessary to seek other means of work and money. So now I am asking for the general public's help in the way of work and payment for services rendered so that I may support my beautiful wife and myself. We will not allow ourselves to turn into beggars on the street. We prefer to work for what is ours. Which is the way it should be. 

My years of experience has spanned a wide range of consulting positions with different companies, which has provided me with invaluable on-hand experience necessary for the different facets of my business fields.

Without the many fine relationships I have enjoyed through the years, I would not be able to continue my services.

Your business will be appreciated and being given the opportunity to serve and to broaden my field of experience will also be appreciated.

Please feel free to contact me at my home office at any time.

James Deo Dawson, Sr”JD”, NMD
The Internetizen Entrepreneur”®
AKA: Rent An Old Fart :-)

NOTE: Please be sure to look over my resume for any other services that I may provide to fill your needs.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rent An Old Fart

Looking For Work In The Indianapolis, IN And Surrounding Areas

NOTE: Please be sure to look over my resume for any other services that I may provide to fill your needs.

* You Supply The Tools and Materials

* I'll Supply The Labor

* Just Call and Tell Me What You Need Done

* I'll Tell You If I Can Help and How Much It Will Cost To Get The Job Done

* Lawn Care, Leaves Raked, Painting, Odd Jobs,  and MUCH more (See list below)

Please Call The Old Fart "JD":
317-632-4342 or 1-877-872-8650
9am - 9pm Monday - Friday At 632 Number
Call Anytime At Toll Free Number

Added Services:
* You Supply The Tools and Materials

* I'll Supply The Labor

Organizer Assistant
Odd Jobs
Gutter Cleaning
Snow Removal
Leaf Removal
Lawn & Yard Work
Window Cleaning
Painting - Interior
Painting - Exterior
Professional Telemarketer (Since 1966)
Drafting (Old School Board Drafting) (Since 1974)
Shop Drawings (Since 1979)
Take Off & Estimating (Glass & Glazing) (Since 1979)
Professional Independent Distributor (Since 1966)
Promotional Marketing Director (Since 1985)
Multi Level Marketing (Since 1966)
Network Marketing (Since 1966)
Promoter (Since 1966)
Webmaster (Since 2000)
Professional Fund-Raiser (Since 1967)
Plus Much More (See Resume)

Looking For Work In The Indianapolis, IN And Surrounding Areas:


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